Date: September 11, 2020 Registration fee: 2 000 CZK

Mendel University in Brno, Zemědělská 1665/1, 613 00 Brno, CZ
Account n.: 7200310267/0100 VS: 2200141
Bank: KB Brno-Černá Pole, Merhautova 1, 631 32 Brno, CZ



8:30-9:20 Welcome coffee

9:20-9:30 Conference opening

Session 1 (chair - Jan Novák)

  9:30 Auxin canalization in self-organizing plant development (Jiří Friml)

  10:10 Shaping plant body by auxin flow-mediated competition (Jozef Balla)

  10:30 Strigolactones - godsend and perdition of parasitic plants (Tomáš Pospíšil)

  10:50 Fluorescently labeled auxins - a current update (Asta Žukauskaitė)

  11:05 New insights into the understanding of auxin carrier transport function: plasma membrane nanodomain organization and beyond (Jan Petrášek)

11:25-12:25 Lunch 

Session 2 (chair - Jan Petrášek)

  12:25 Hormonal regulation of root adaptive responses to environmental signals (Eva Benková)

  12:45 Seed development, germination and early seedling establishment under abiotic stress (Martin Černý)

  13:05 Modulation of purine/cytokinin riboside hydrolases can improve nitrogen storage mobilization (David Kopečný)

  13:25 The cytokinin functions in biotic stress responses (Radomíra Vaňková)

13:45-14:15 Coffee break 

Session 3 (chair - Martin Černý)

  14:15 Recent advances in plant hormone profiling (Ondřej Novák)

  14:35 Novel N9- substituted cytokinin derivatives as powerful tool to investigate cytokinin function in plants (Karel Doležal)

  14:55 Biosynthesis and perception of cytokinins in poplar (Pavel Jaworek)

  15:10 Antagonistic interaction of PIN7 splice isoforms during tropic responses in Arabidopsis (Ivan Kashkan)

  15:25 New technologies of preparing soluble smart fertilizers derived from cytokinins (Lucie Plíhalová)

  15:40 Correlation-based metabolomics for bioactive discovery (Jiří Grúz)

  15:55 Brassinosteroids - biological activity outside plant kingdom (Miroslav Kvasnica)

16:10 An amazing world of biological activities of cytokinins (Miroslav Strnad

16:30 Concluding remarks

16:35-22:00 Social programme

Registration is closed.